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Simply Solar Systems is focused on harnessing the sun’s energy to not only create power for our everyday use, but to also use it to create heat.


The Solar Heat Tube system uses high quality thick borium oxide glass vacuum tubes in which an absorber collects the sun's infrared radiation and transfers this to the water that is running through a tube in the center of the absorber. The Solar Heat Tube system is incredibly unique because it has a very high efficiency, both in summer and winter. The Solar Heat Tube System is simple, and easy to install and maintain. The system is capable of being mounted from the vertical to the horizontal orientation.


Solar Thermal Features


•        Aesthetically appealing.

•        Mounted diagonally, vertically or horizontally

•        Easy to install, operate and maintain

•        Very high efficiency

•        Noise and vibration free

•        Installed in urban and rural areas

•        Residential or business locations

•        Carbon dioxide reduction

•        Uses sunlight, a clean renewable energy

•        Produces no emissions

•        Lasts 20+ years

•        Modular system

•        Hot water production

•        Radiant floor heating


Do you have questions about solar heat, solar heat tubes, PV heating, solar thermal, solar boilers, sun heating systems, photovoltaic heating and more? We can help you.


Solar Hot Water & Solar Heat


Solar Thermal systems come in two distinct types: Flat plates and evacuated tubes.  Both have a very high efficiency in summer and winter. Flat plates are more durable, work more efficiently in warmer climates, and create a greenhouse effect for insulating the hot water. Evacuated tubes work well at all times of day (constantly collecting direct sunlight), work more efficiently in colder climates, can be mounted from the vertical to the horizontal orientation and use a vacuum for insulating the hot water.


Solar Thermal Systems are simple, easy to install, and maintenance-free. They can produce up to 100% of your domestic hot water supply, home heating supply, and pool heating supply all together!



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