We have served a wide variety of businesses in the upstate New York area. We are happy to be providing electric solutions to commercial properties that will help them save money and save the planet. Whether you need just a few panels or an entire field of solar panels, Simply Solar Systems can help. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions pertaining to commercial solar panels.

Harley Davidson in Batavia

Simply Solar Systems partnered with Arista Power on the installation of a 166kW solar power roof mount system to provide 100% of the electric needs for the facility. The owner of  Stan's Harley Davidson has always been interested in alternative energy and with the current funding and drop in system costs it was the right time!

Fesko Dairy

Simply Solar partnered with RER Energy Group on the installation of a 303kW Solar Power Ground Mount located in Scaneatles, NY. 85% of the electricity needs for the farm were met with this system. The customers have always been proponents of technologies that will improve business.  When they learned about solar power, funding available, and the how they could help the environment, it was a fit for them to invest in Solar!

HEP Sales

Simply Solar Systems partnered with Arista Power on the installation of 2 Roof Mounted PV systems for HEP Sales... the Canandaigua Branch and the Seneca Falls Branch. The owner could not pass up on the return of investment of the system.


It was snowing so we cleared the snow, installed the panels, and brought in the sun!  Like our style?


Looking for ways to make money, increase property value and make your home energy independent? Save on your energy bills with a residential solar panel installation. We specialize in creative design of our panel assemblies, because we want your panels to perform at peak efficiency. Don't forget that you will earn a wide variety of tax rebates and discounts for installing a solar system. Have questions about a residential solar system? Contact us.

Beres - Hamlin, NY

Simply Solar Systems had to start somewhere, so why not start on your own house? We practice what we preach and have both a ST and PV system on our house. The PV produces 110% of the electrical needs at 11kW system.

Smith - Hamlin, NY

The Smith family in Hamlin was interested in PV for their house but did not have the roof space. They asked us if we could use the barn roof... we could not be happier to use such a wide-open, flat, surface facing south!! We installed a 14kW system to provide the needs for the family's house and barn!

Akey - Kendall, NY

Simply Solar partnered with Arista Power to install a 7.5kW PV system for the Akey family in Kendall  to take the place of their wind tower.  Wind is a great technology and has it's purposes, but residential applications is not one of them for most areas.  The customer is finally happy to have a technology that is working as expected for them!


Are you looking for a solar thermal solution? Think about our solar heat tubes. These efficient tubes will gather the energy of the sun, which can be used to heat your home or business. If you are interested in pairing your solar heat tubes with solar panels, we can help you. We can help you determine the number of solar panels and solar heat tubes you will need to make your home or business completely energy independent. Do you have questions? We are happy to help.

Brightly Farm - Hamlin

After a fire caused by an oil burner for heat that destroyed the facilities, the owner decided to investigate the possibility of using alternative energy to alleviate the need for fossil fuels, costs, and possible danger. The ST system consists of an 800 gal tank with heat exchangers inside and 14 30 tube collectors that produce 80% of his heating needs and 90% of his dhw needs for the maintenance building.

Krony's Pizza

The owner of Krony's Pizza was in need of a new hot water heater for his growing restaurant. After realizing the funding available to him and how highly beneficial the ST system would be he made a move to install a ST system to provide 50% of his dhw needs for cleaning dishes, cooking, and domestic use.

Singer Farm Naturals

Scorse family is gowing and decided they should make some investments into their future... why not invest minimal amount of money to have highly efficient ST DHW system. This system produces 80% of their DHW needs for all daily uses.


Hot air from the sun doesn't cost a dime. Become more energy-independent with our solar hot air collectors. We offer solar hot air collectors, and we can even integrate them with other pieces to make your custom system perfectly suited to your needs. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or would like to get a quote.


Do you want a solar energy solution that is not connected to a utility grid? We have done a variety of off-grid solar panel projects that were custom-designed. Contact us if you have questions!


Buffalo Submarine:

At Buffalo Naval Park, a monument of a World War II submarine sail was erected. Veterans raised money to add lighting effects to the monument, but there was no way to run electricity to the monument. We installed an off-grid solar panel that allows the monument's lights to operate.


Seneca Hickory Stick Golf Course in Lewiston:

This restroom is located near the 5th hole and is quite a long ways from the club house. It would cost thousands of dollars to run electric to the building. The course made the decision to invest in a Solar Thermal System to provide hot water for washing hands and a Solar Power System to provide lighting to the 2 interior lights. Problem solved.




Do you want radiant floor heating? We can help make your floors warmer and greener. Contact us if you have questions or need an estimate.


Reis Farms - Hamlin, NY

Reis Farms built a new facility to store mass quantities of fertilizer. There are huge savings in buying and storing fertilizer by the dump truck load rather than bags of it, but the fertilizer cannot get moist. In the northwest, our climates cause the concrete floors to sweat during the cold months of the year.  The installation of a radiant floor heating system fueled by a solar thermal system helped solve the problem by adding heat to the floor daily to prevent any condensation from ever forming.


Spohr Home - Hamlin, NY:

In the process of rebuilding their house, the Spohrs decided to invest in the latest and greatest technologies. We installed a radiant floor heating system throughout the entire basement, first floor, second floor, and garage to keep their house toasty warm! The radiant heating system will be fueled by a Solar Thermal system which is to be installed in later stages of the building process.


Whether you are illuminating outdoor sign age or an entry way, you can use the power of the sun. Our solar lighting solutions can accommodate all kinds of needs. If you are looking to save on your energy bills and you'd like to earn government tax breaks, think about our solar lighting solutions. Like the idea, but not sure how  to proceed? We can help, so go ahead and contact us with any questions you might have.


Everyone's needs are different, we get it. That's why we have never installed the exact same system twice. We are willing to work with our clients to maximize the efficiency of your solar system so that your system pays for itself as soon as possible. We also have done many different creative solar system solutions for clients who have unusual needs. If you have an idea for a way to use solar power, but aren't sure how to implement it, we can help!


When he was a kid, Matt Beres (owner of Simply Solar Systems), had one of the first Power Wheels battery-operated vehicles.  He loved that thing!!  Problem?  It was battery powered.  After about 10 minutes of fun, it would take hours to charge the battery and after about 10 charges the battery was no good..... what fun was that!!  Now, an expert in alternative energy, Matt decided to right a wrong from his childhood and retrofit a Power Wheels vehicle, put a better battery in it, and mount a solar panel to it so kids could literally drive until they got tired!!  Driving outside in the sun constantly charges the battery.  The vehicle will never die and neither does the fun!!  Check out the pics from the Rochester Home Show.


Are you looking to go green on the golf course? We can help you there. We can provide solar-powered golf carts, which means you won't have to worry about a dead battery ever again. If you are looking for solar-powered golf carts, feel free to contact us, and we can provide you with an estimate for your needs.


If you have an electric car, or are thinking about getting one, you will need an electric vehicle charging station. The high-tech stations you see on the right are exactly what your electric vehicle needs. Please feel free to browse the pictures on the right to see our electric vehicle charging stations, or contact us if you have questions or need an estimate.


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