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Do you need lighting for streets, signs, shelters, security purposes, etc.? We know that grid-tied lighting is costly and inefficient. Technology has evolved, and now you can use the power of the sun to energize your home or business.


Solar lighting is a very basic system in which the sun's energy is collected by a photovoltaic solar panel. Then, it is stored in a small battery bank until the sun goes down and the light is needed. When darkness falls, an adjustable sensor notices the change and sends a signal to the light to turn on. The energy stored in the battery bank is then used to power the light until the sun rises again.


Solar Lighting Installation


Solar lighting systems are easily installed and costs less to deploy than utility connected lighting. Whether your location is remote, environmentally sensitive, difficult to access or electricity is unreliable, solar lighting is a great solution. Solar lighting systems can also be designed to suit your specific needs.


Solar Lighting solutions are the reliable and economic choice for lighting wide variety applications.


•  Parking lots, parks, wildlife areas

•  Roadways, driveways, garages

•  Walking trails, sidewalks, entry ways

•  Area security, bus shelters, free-standing kiosks, ATMs

•  Gates, fences, perimeters

•  Entry/exit signs, advertising signs/billboards, monuments, statues



Solar Lighting Key Features


•  Configurable for nearly every location with a scalable solar power and energy storage array assembly

•  Mount on nearly any pole type: composite, aluminum, steel, wood, concrete and more

•  Low profile, attractive system design with single panel and hidden energy storage enclosures

•  Patented control module for dimming and advanced energy management for reliable, bright light every night of the year

•  Highest efficiency light bulbs or LED's


If you are interested in learning more about solar lighting systems, please contact us.


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