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Simply Solar Systems believes strongly in sustaining the future of our environment. Implementing the use of reusable energy is a major part. As long as the sun is in the sky, Simply Solar Systems is dedicated to helping homes and businesses reduce their carbon footprint and energy bills.


What is a solar PV system and how does it work?


Solar electricity or photovoltaics (PV) is a simple, reliable, and maintenance-free energy source. PV cells are linked together to form a PV module, a group of PV modules forms a PV array. PV arrays can be mounted on roof tops, poles, ground racks, or integrated into the building itself.


Direct Current (DC) is produced when the sunlight shines on a PV array. The DC power is sent to a power inverter in which it is converted to Alternating Current (AC). The AC power is sent to your main electric panel where it is distributed throughout your house and is used in the same way as energy purchased from the electric utility. When the PV system produces more electricity than is used, the excess is sold back to the electric utility and distributed throughout the grid.


If you are interested to learn more about solar PV systems please contact us. We can answer any questions you might have about photovoltaics,solar power, solar panels, solar PV, PV systems, and more.


Is a Solar PV system right for your home?


Answer these three questions to get started:


•    Do you have a roof that faces from Southeast through Southwest?

•    Is your roof available to the sun or are there trees, buildings, or obstructions interfering? Can these obstructions be removed?

•    Is your roof new or in good shape? Your PV system will last for 25 years or more, so it needs to be installed on a roof that won’t

need to be replaced within a few years.


Residential PV Solar Panel Installation


If you can answer yes to these questions then the next step is to contact us so we can perform a site survey. During this procedure, we collect data to plan for the most effective PV system to fit your needs. The installation process is as follows:


•    Determine if solar power is right for you.

•    Find the best location, positioning, and size of your PV array.

•    Confirm the rebate and incentives that you can expect.

•    With a signed contract, we submit the rebate application.

•    Once the rebate has been approved we will start the permitting process and order the equipment.

•    Install the equipment, test it, and facilitate the inspections.

•    Complete the install with a customer education regarding the system specifics which include start up, shut down, and

emergency procedures.


When you hire Simply Solar Systems to perform your solar PV installation, you’ll receive superb service from fully-licensed and insured solar power experts. Here at Simply Solar Systems, we are committed to using our solar power expertise to not only serve the environment, but to serve you and your need for an alternative energy solution.


For more information concerning Solar PV Systems, contact us!


About Solar PV Systems & How They Make  A Difference


Did you know that enough sunlight reaches the earth in one hour to power every electrical device on our planet for an entire year?


In the northeast, we pay the highest rates for electricity in the country. Those rates have been rising 5 - 10% a year for the past decade and over 20% in the last three years alone. According to the Appraiser’s Journal and Wells Fargo, every dollar you save on electric bills translates to $20 in increased value of your home. On average, the payback on your investment in solar energy can be as soon as 5 - 9 years for a residence and 4 - 6 years for commercial use.



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